About Us

We provide information to protect the global population from infectious diseases and a safe environment through cutting edge technology, community education and consultancy services. We work with stakeholders to develop and implement vector-borne disease interventions, antimicrobial resistance policies and climate change policies.

Our Mission

To provide novel technology, education and services to the public and stakeholders to aid elimination efforts of infectious diseases and encourage the communities to safeguard the environment.

Disease Advisor Platform

Using cutting edge technology we provide an infectious disease warning app with real time alerts to locals and tourists when they travel to areas they are at risk of contracting infectious diseases including protective measures they can take.

iSTEM - VCCC Network

Introducing Science Technology, Engineering and Math for Vector control and Climate Change (iSTEM-VCCC) is a network of vector control and climate change experts around the world whose main objective is to develop several tools and platforms through which communities can be mobilized, educated and engaged to enhance the performance of vector control programs, climate change programs and reduce antimicrobial resistance.

iSTEM - VCCC Network

We bridge the gap between stakeholders, vector control/climate change experts and the communities by educating the community on:

  • Existing vector control/climate change problems
  • Interventions available to solve the problems and how they work
  • Antimicrobial resistance/antimicrobial waste
  • How the communities can enhance the effectiveness of these interventions.

The network also provides a STEM-based platform for mentoring minorities and underrepresented groups such as children, girls, women, multicultural communities and indigenous communities on the above mentioned.

Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services to international organisations. We develop strategic frameworks and standard operating procedures for implementation of policies of vector-control programs, climate change and antimicrobial resistance in multiple countries around the world.

We also provide analytic services including machine learning and biostatistics.

Disease advisor consultants include vector borne disease experts specialising in vector control and surveillance as well as experts in climate change, microbiology and data analysis. We work with various stakeholders and government agencies.

Disease Advisor

Disease Advisor Platform.

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iSTEM -VCCC Network.

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